1. What is Brandslip and how is it different from the hundreds of other marketplaces?

Brandslip is a search tool for handpicked micro-influencers. We aren't involved in the transaction between brand and influencer. We've curated thousands of influencers that fit our criteria including: engagement, quality of content, following and capability of brand partnerships. This ensures influencers with real followers and real engagement.

2. Do we have to pay influencers?

You are open to negotiate with influencers in whatever way you see fit. Compensation doesn't necessarily have to be monetary. Influencers promote in exchange for products, for payment or on a per sale basis. We've targeted micro-influencers that are cost-effective for brands and flexible in their negotiations.

3. What kind of influencers are on the Brandslip platform?

Currently we've launched with Fashion & Lifestyle influencers but we are soon expanding to other categories such as travel, beauty, food, entertainment and more. You can search for influencers by interest, location and gender.

4. What does the free trial entail?

The free trial allows you to search for influencers but you won't be able to contact them (via email) until paying for a package.

5. What are the payment options?

We have both annual and monthly payment options that can be found on our home page.

6. Do influencers know we are contacting them through the Brandslip platform?

With our search and contact information brands are able to contact influencers without them knowing they were found on the Brandslip platform. All information provided by Brandslip is public information.

7. Does Brandslip provide customer support for general tips on contacting influencers or negotiating influencers?

Absolutely! That's part of our service. You can ask us any questions on intercom (chat service on our home page). We have experience executing influencer campaigns and want to assist in any way possible.

8. I'm an influencer and want a profile on your platform. How do I do this?

Contact William Lee at will@brandslip.com.

9. Do you provide any reports or analytics on campaigns?

No we don't provide any reports although we can refer you to companies that do provide detailed analytics. We aim to be an affordable search for influencers so that brands of all sizes can take advantage of our platform.

10. Are you involved in creating customized campaigns?

Absolutely. We ran Brandslip as an agency previously with clients including: Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures, NBA, Livenation. Our campaign budgets start at $10k. You can contact Kofi at kofi@brandslip.com.